Wake up with a sunrise

We live in a strange time right now. People are very stressed and are not well organized. They are very emotional and vulnerable right now. It means they eat and drink more than they need. They stay home and watch news all the time which is very unhealthy. Or they have very stressful jobs. Please take a look at your eating routine right now.

Wake up with a sunrise. Have a hearty breakfast. Take your time to cook your meal. Enjoy your breakfast very much. Eat slowly; think about your breakfast when you eat it; do not watch or listen to anything at that time; really focus on your breakfast.

Find things to do during the day. A lot of folks volunteer by making masks or other supplies for doctors and nurses. Some restaurants make food for doctors and nurses and other essential workers in the areas where they live. Connect to those people if you know you can help. Clean your house every day; communicate with other family members; try to be supportive and calm. Please be patient with children and members of the family who are more vulnerable to the current situation. Stay strong.

Your lunch is as much important as the breakfast. Be sure you have time to prepare your lunch and eat it. This is very important to have enough time to chew your food slowly, enjoy it and focus on it. By doing so, you support your body at such stressful times that we live right now. You can tell yourself, I’m doing everything I can to support myself in this situation. You support your immune system by staying strong and focused. This is the goal to support your body and protect your body as much as you can right now. If you cannot protect and support yourself you cannot help anybody else.

Keep your dinners to a minimum; drink lots of water and hot tea. Focus on your feelings about the food, be sure you are still a little hungry when you leave the table. A lot of people overeat during the night hours and cannot sleep after that. This technique (leave the table feeling a little bit hungry) is very crucial to practice, if your goal is to stay healthy. It will help you to protect your immune system. After the first week you will feel some progress. Your immune system is going to be much stronger in a month for sure if you keep going.

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