How do you feel today? What is on your mind? Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, or balanced and grounded? Where are you in this range of emotions? We listen to News. What type of news are you focusing on? Drama news or making progress news? Where do you see yourself in two weeks? What are you doing every day? Where do you want to be in one month? What do you want to feel in one month?

Are you doing your part to stabilize the situation in the world? Or you are panicking every day and shaking up your household? We are interconnected. This is the fact, we (humans) are interconnected. To stabilize the situation we have to be confident about positive outcome. We have to feel connected within our communities in a positive and supportive way. We have to do little things for each other every day; the good things, the supportive things. Say “Hi” to your neighbor in a safe, compassionate way. Communicate with a family member nicely. Do little things; smile, hug, compromise, be respectful.

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