This is the time to look back and rewind our lives. This is the time to rest and to breath. We have all this time to figure out how to move forward to sustain this world. Nature forces us to stop and to look back. Nature is trying to tell us to look for solutions to get back to the good life. These current virus crisis teaches us a huge lesson; we have to turn around 180° from the direction we were going. This is not just one country, this is the whole world that was moving too fast going where?

Competition is overrated. It wears us out; it kills our spirits; it leaves us empty and disappointed. When the message is “sustain this planet to survive” there is no place for competition. We have to rethink our mission statements and purposes in order to move forward to survive and prosper. Businesses that are based solely on competition will fail drastically one by one. Reputation is so important right now more than ever before. Today’s investors are very intelligent people they are reading, looking, thinking before they invest in companies.

Goodwill, professionalism, high spirits, compassion, intelligence, and education will move this planet forward to the great horizons. This is the time to pause; to breath; to look around and to become more compassionate, kind, and giving.

All businesses, especially corporations have to look closely at their sustainability and environmental protection programs to ensure they are for real and produce results. The next generation of investors will be looking at the companies’ sustainability and environmental protection programs closely because all these investors have children and they want to live in the clean and prosperous planet that is free of infections, disasters, and fears.

The good news is it is not too late to turn 180° around! We still have our planet breathing, struggling, wanting to help us to live and to love.