Good health is a foundation of a good life. How to maintain good health every day? To maintain good health every day we have to create a successful eating routine that is tailored to our individual needs and desires.

First thing first, everyone already has an eating routine. Take a look at your eating routine and figure out what you like and what you do not like about it. Write down what you eat every day. Some people will be surprised how good they are and some people will be surprised how bad they are with their eating routine. I know for sure to understand how we eat every day helps to build a better life. This is why I recommend to write things down and study them closely.

Do you have greens in your foods every day? They could be part of your eating routine. Some people recommend, “eat your vegetables first”, I would guess, because you don’t like them? Since we have to eat every day we better enjoy our foods because we invest our time in preparing our meals or getting them somewhere. The message, “eat your vegetables first”, tells me that the messenger does not like the vegetables, so I don’t believe this is a good message to adapt. I believe we will get better results if we enjoy things we do; it applies to everything in life. It applies to the way we prepare and eat our food too.