Relationships are very crucial to understand, develop and sustain. Without human interactions and relationships there is no normal life where we have families, friends and other people available to us. Relationships keep us together. Relationships make us who we are. We cannot function normal or enjoy life without our relationships.

How to understand existing relationships?

Existing relationships are important to us. We think about them; we try to sustain them; we try to make them better. Existing relationships are important to sustain because they take place right now at the present time.

In case we made a mistake we can fix right now. There is less regrets. It helps to feel better in general when we have less regrets. The existing relationships are available to us to learn from. Cherish your existing relationships make them better and receive happiness and satisfaction from them. Focus on your existing relationships because they are easily available to you to learn from to become a better person.

How to improve existing relationships?

Have you heard of this saying, treat other people the way you want to be treated? You might say it is easy to say than to do. I did not say, it is an easy task. This is a very advanced communication skill to develop. Now you will be thinking about it and practicing it.

How to build new relationships?

Thanks to God, we learn from our mistakes. It means our future relationships have better chance to be more successful and satisfying.