What is the definition of procrastination?


The act of procrastinating, putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time.

Micro-actions will help you to get over procrastination.  Start by performing simple tasks or micro-actions. Micro actions help to develop strong will.  Micro-actions are not going to hurt you.  Micro-actions will make you stronger.  It is similar to what Dale Carnegie taught us; he taught us to live in small compartments. Living in small compartments helps to keep yourself together during difficult times in your life. 

When you feel that a task is enormous and impossible to complete.  In those moments you start using the micro-action technique.

For example, instead of cleaning the whole house.  You start by cleaning just one room.  You clean that room a few times per week.  By the end of the week you will see a huge progress.  This huge progress will encourage you and demonstrate to you how important it is to focus on a small task from start to finish. 

Another example, of the micro-action is eating three pieces of pizza instead of four.  If usually you eat four pieces of pizza and feel overwhelmed.  You start by eating three pieces of pizza every time you eat pizza.  If you eat pizza once a week by the end of the month you will feel a difference in your energy level. Eating less food will increase your energy level and make you more alert and energetic.  Being a little bit hungry every day is a very healthy habit. You just have to be patient and really follow through; commit to your decision.  Micro-actions are very small decisions. If you can commit to eating less pizza for one month you will be shocked by how much more energy and desire to be positive and optimistic you might gain in only one month.

I understand we are humans, we are not robots. We have days when we really want comfort foods and we really want a lot of it. It is totally OK to eat more pizza during those days; eventually you will do this less and less because the benefits of eating less and feeling a little bit hungry when you leave the table are so much greater.  If you stick with your decision in this case to eat a little bit less over time you will really appreciate the benefits of the micro action technique.

Watching TV

According to a study published in 2011 in the journal American College of cardiology, anyone who devotes more than four hours daily on screen-based entertainment such as TV, video games, streaming or surfing the web, ups their risk of heart attack and stroke by 113% compared to those who spend less than two hours daily in screenplay. This is regardless of their age, gender, exercise routine and whether or not they smoke.