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Seattle will permanently close 20 miles of residential streets to most vehicle traffic. The streets had been closed temporarily to through traffic to provide more space for people to walk and bike at a safe distance apart during the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly 20 miles of Seattle streets will permanently close to most vehicle traffic by the end of May, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced Thursday.

Seattle will permanently close 20 miles of residential streets to most vehicle traffic.


New Eating Habits

A lot of people these days are buying produce in bulk. How to eat yummy and well organized healthy meals when you buy produce in bulk. It is easy if you keep your produce well organized. We can always keep our produce safe, fresh and ready for cooking and eating. To ensure that your produce stays fresh you have to cook it in bulk as well. Cook produce not just for one meal but for two or three meals at the time. That method will ensure your foods are fresh and appealing for eating. Refrigerate, organize and plan to consume your cooking during the same week.

For example, I bought a pack of white mushrooms today. I cannot really eat all these mushrooms at the same time. But I can cook all of them at same time and eat them during the same week.

Hm, how do you cook mushrooms so they are appealing to eat the next day and the next day? It is very easy to do if you like mushrooms. Cut each mushroom in two, plays them on a baking sheet; the flat halves go down and bake them in an oven. Before you bake them. Sprinkle salt, pepper and touch of your favorite vegetable oil that is useful at the high oven temperature like 350F.

Put baked mushrooms leftover in a glass sealed container and use it the next day as a site dish again. You will probably end up eating baked mushrooms 2-3 times during the same week. After that week you might not eat mushrooms for 2-3 weeks in a row. Which is totally Ok.

In case you’re a vegetarian or just exploring, the baked mushrooms is a great substitute for a cooked steak. Baked mushrooms are juicy with tons of flavor. Just something to think about. Also, when you bake your vegetables on a baking sheet you organized them well. They look nice on the baking sheet and they taste so delicious because you took a good care of them. Even children can bake vegetables on the baking sheets. It is safe, delicious, effective, and nurturing.

baked white mushrooms on a baking sheet up to 350F.
White Mushrooms and some red onion are ready to be baked in an oven. 350F

Recycling beverage containers & aluminum

In 2017, Americans recycled nearly 54 billion aluminum cans, a figure that stands for over 53% of the total cans created in 2002. The aluminum market paid over $800 million for the used beverage containers.

Inning accordance with statistics reported by The Aluminum Organization, the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), and also the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the aluminum beverage container is by far the most recycled consumer drink package in the United States and also internationally, by units, pounds as well as percentage reused. It totals up to greater than twice the recycling rate and recycled material percents for drink containers of various other products, including glass and also plastics.

Since the aluminum beverage containers and cans are 100 percent recyclable, the majority of them can and are recycled right into new drink cans. Recycled aluminum cans are back on the grocery store rack in about 90 days, and also the procedure could be repeated countless times. This is achieved due to the fact that the aluminum can is the only product packaging material that greater than covers the expense of collection and re-processing for itself.

Guide on recycling used beverage container and aluminum.