Simple every day routine that will bring Joy, Happy Feelings and Love into your life.

cleaning and organizing your things

An amazing Japanese Lady, Maria Kondo, opened my eyes to a “WOW” Importance of cleaning and organizing our things every day. This routine as important as drinking water, or brushing your teeth! She incorporates JOY and GRATITUDE into the cleaning and organizing processes every time she moves. She reminds me of A Good Fairy Angel that we all know exist and protect us every day. After learning about Maria Kondo secrets I cannot go back! It’s impossible to go back! Her organizing techniques will stay with me for life. This is how we can change our lives for the better and create a better life in our families and on our fragile planet Earth. Much Love from the Good Life Template Peeps! Love

Marie has episodes of her work on Netflix and she wrote amazing books on the subject. We believe her purpose in life is to save all the humans and Japan, of cause, from the climate change devastation. Love