Resetting the Planet Means Resetting Our Food

By Deepak Chopra, ™ MD, FACP, Poonacha Machaiah, Rajnish Khanna, PhD

The way we eat has changed the planet. In this simple idea, which few of us consider when we go to the grocery store, lies immense hope for the future—if we pay attention. On the medical front a large number of people accept the notion, once thought of as a fringe belief, that “you are what you eat.” The decisions you make today about what you eat will have a huge impact in your future health. Food plays a decisive factor in modern lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and all the damaging side effects related to the epidemic of obesity in this country.

The next step in our growing awareness expands on the same idea. The next bite you take adds to the health of planet Earth or pushes it a tiny step toward deterioration. Unconscious eating is bad for the environment. Conscious eating puts the planet on the road to renewal and wellness.

We can heal the environment by thinking from the ground up, quite literally. The health of soils around the world is essential to keeping the entire planet in balance. This truth has dawned with the rise of the word “microbiome,” which is gaining wide circulation. The microbiome is comprised of the genetic material of all microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses) in a specific place, such as the human gut, in the soil, in water, or on the skin. Each local microbiome is intricately connected to other microbiomes, thereby linking all living organisms together.

Bay Area startup Trash Warrior eyes West Coast growth after securing new funding. Uber for Trash.

The San Francisco-based technology company, founded last year, is looking to make its mark in the area by competing on price and following a familiar “Uber for trash” dream.

Uber for Trash Concept – Circular Economy

The concept of creating an “Uber for Trash” has gotten plenty of media buzz in recent years. Now, a new West Coast player called Trash Warrior is also citing Uber as inspiration and has backing from venture capital firms.

Fittingly, this tech startup is based in San Francisco, the birthplace and setting for the ride-sharing company’s rise. Founded in 2019, Trash Warrior’s service offers on-demand removal of junk, furniture and cardboard through a platform linking to a network of third-party haulers, allowing residential and commercial customers to schedule pick-ups and pay online.

Bay Area startup Trash Warrior eyes West Coast growth after securing new funding

Urban Lifestyle

Seattle will permanently close 20 miles of residential streets to most vehicle traffic. The streets had been closed temporarily to through traffic to provide more space for people to walk and bike at a safe distance apart during the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly 20 miles of Seattle streets will permanently close to most vehicle traffic by the end of May, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced Thursday.

Seattle will permanently close 20 miles of residential streets to most vehicle traffic.

Recycling beverage containers & aluminum

In 2017, Americans recycled nearly 54 billion aluminum cans, a figure that stands for over 53% of the total cans created in 2002. The aluminum market paid over $800 million for the used beverage containers.

Inning accordance with statistics reported by The Aluminum Organization, the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), and also the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the aluminum beverage container is by far the most recycled consumer drink package in the United States and also internationally, by units, pounds as well as percentage reused. It totals up to greater than twice the recycling rate and recycled material percents for drink containers of various other products, including glass and also plastics.

Since the aluminum beverage containers and cans are 100 percent recyclable, the majority of them can and are recycled right into new drink cans. Recycled aluminum cans are back on the grocery store rack in about 90 days, and also the procedure could be repeated countless times. This is achieved due to the fact that the aluminum can is the only product packaging material that greater than covers the expense of collection and re-processing for itself.

Guide on recycling used beverage container and aluminum.


This is the time to look back and rewind our lives. This is the time to rest and to breath. We have all this time to figure out how to move forward to sustain this world. Nature forces us to stop and to look back. Nature is trying to tell us to look for solutions to get back to the good life. These current virus crisis teaches us a huge lesson; we have to turn around 180° from the direction we were going. This is not just one country, this is the whole world that was moving too fast going where?

Competition is overrated. It wears us out; it kills our spirits; it leaves us empty and disappointed. When the message is “sustain this planet to survive” there is no place for competition. We have to rethink our mission statements and purposes in order to move forward to survive and prosper. Businesses that are based solely on competition will fail drastically one by one. Reputation is so important right now more than ever before. Today’s investors are very intelligent people they are reading, looking, thinking before they invest in companies.

Goodwill, professionalism, high spirits, compassion, intelligence, and education will move this planet forward to the great horizons. This is the time to pause; to breath; to look around and to become more compassionate, kind, and giving.

All businesses, especially corporations have to look closely at their sustainability and environmental protection programs to ensure they are for real and produce results. The next generation of investors will be looking at the companies’ sustainability and environmental protection programs closely because all these investors have children and they want to live in the clean and prosperous planet that is free of infections, disasters, and fears.

The good news is it is not too late to turn 180° around! We still have our planet breathing, struggling, wanting to help us to live and to love.